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From Teachers and Aides at Short Line School

By Staff | Mar 3, 2010

We, the teachers and aides at Short Line School, are writing to express our support of those in the teaching position. We would like to remind our community that teachers are private individuals working in a public profession like, for instance, politicians.

Therefore they are open to criticism in public forum. Politicians, when criticized, can use the media to defend their position. However, a teacher criticized in a published newspaper is restricted by concern for the privacy of the children in his/her care from responding publicly. While a parent or guardian may choose to violate the confidentiality of the student, a teacher would never do so.

We would ask readers to keep the following in mind as they read any letters regarding the actions of our teachers:

Teachers are required to report any suspected child abuse, failure to do so results in the loss of their teaching license and criminal charges.

Unsubstantiated accusations against a teacher published in a newspaper are demoralizing when not balanced by the support of others in the community.

When a teacher’s personal and professional integrity is slandered publicly without any evidence substantiating the accusation, the teacher may simply choose to teach elsewhere. If that individual is talented, compassionate, and professional in a difficult and demanding job, they will have other opportunities. The loss of such a teacher to our community would be a dreadful disservice to our students.

Teachers and aides care about the welfare of students; we would be the first to report abuse. Not only are we required by law to do so, but our own ethics would allow no less. Short Line teachers and aides care about our students, our community and our profession. We witness, on a daily basis, the deep concern every teacher has for the welfare of our students. We are committed to providing children with the tools they need to succeed. We respectfully request that the readers of this newspaper consider these points.

Thank you,

The Undersigned Teachers and Aides at Short Line School

Judith Hughan, Charlene Hindman, Pamela Christy, Jami Nelson, Rick Borders, Cindy McSweeney, Kelly Yoho, Patty Potts, Jade Spencer, Marsha Derby, Linda West, Jane Beckett, Candy Clark, Chuck Blair, Julian Allman, Mandy Ice, Brenda Nolan, Ellen Horner, Jim Archer, Josielea Chapple, Jill Brown, Sue Morgan, Meredith Tusic, Linda Dulaney, Gabrielle Palmer, Leslie Lively, Debbra Robinson, Mollie A. Toppe, Martha Rogers, Linda Haught, Sue Flesher, Kim Nelson, Kay Blair, Tracy Mason, William D. Hostutler, Glenda Hinerman, Jennifer Bates, Phil Hulsey.