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From Tammy Wood and CeeJae Wykert

By Staff | Mar 3, 2010

I never thought I would have a reason to write a letter to the newspaper. But after reading what was written about members of the Wetzel County Action Group, I felt the need to write.

The reason they started this group is because they do care about their neighbors and what is happening in the areas they live in.

One of those members helped start Deb’s Gang of Hope, an organization that helps cancer patients with expenses their insurance doesn’t cover. After the power went out from the snowstorm she helped one of our neighbors by getting them a generator and hauled the oxygen tanks from New Martinsville because the Medical Supply Place could not get out to Silver Hill. She also picked up groceries and delivered them. Another member is an EMT with Grandview Fire Department and was helping his neighbors. And the list goes on, because the WCAG members do care. There isn’t enough room in this paper to write about all the things these people have done over the years.

Chesapeake Energy also chipped in to help by providing meals at the Silver Hill Fire Department during the power outage to those who could get there. I for one would like to thank the Wetzel County Action Group, Deb’s Gang of Hope, and Chesapeake Energy for helping to make a difficult and trying time a little easier for their neighbors.

Tammy Wood and CeeJae Wykert

Wileyville residents