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From Baylee Yoho

By Staff | Mar 3, 2010

My name is Baylee Yoho and on Valentine’s Day my mom and dad got me a new chihuahuapuppy. On our way home from gettingBear Bearhe was very nervous and started to use the potty on my lap and my mom pulled over at the gazebo between Bayer and PPG. Whenwe got outof the car my puppy went underthe car and we couldn’t get him to come out. After trying to get him for 30 minuteshe ran over the hill to the ponds in the deep snow. My mom called my pappy and he got us help from three guardsat Bayer, I only know one of their names, Mr. Jeff Post, but I want them to know how happy I am that they helped me and my momget my puppy back that night.

My mom said we were lucky to have their help because they didn’t have to help us. Again, thank you Bayer guards that were working on Sunday Night Feb. 14th in returning my puppy to me, I know it was cold and darkbut you didn’t stop looking till you found him.And Thank you Pappy Don for getting us the help we needed.

Baylee Yoho, nine years old