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From Rada Wadsworth

By Staff | Feb 24, 2010

The release about Sen. Murtha’s death in the Wetzel Chronicle Feb. 17, 2010, was most uncalled for.

Why single a man out to make a point about the Democratic or Republican party after his death?

If you want to say votes are traded for pet projects, write about someone who can defend himself, not after his death.

The same day this was written about Sen. Murtha, Wetzel County Hospital was praising Sen. Byrd for his assistance in helping them secure their funding. Was that a pet project? Did he trade his vote? I don’t think so, he has worked for all of West Virginia, and this country.

Why not say: “Sen. Murtha served this country in the Marines, in public office, and the State Senate. Rest in peace, and remember the people who have served”?

Sincerely yours,

Rada Wadsworth

New Martinsville