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From Pamala Darleen Adams

By Staff | Feb 24, 2010

In a letter to the editor I previously wrote about my granddaughter at Short Line School, in a special needs class, being mistreated. The issue was supposed to have been taken care of and subsequently went to the board of education, and CPS. So far we haven’t seen any results. The teachers that she is in the care of are continually verbally abusing her, my granddaughter is coming home on a daily basis complaining that the teachers are saying she stinks, that she needs new shoes, etc.

I’d like to know why these two who are in question are still in charge of my granddaughter, and any other child for that matter. Thankfully CPS has actually been in class with my granddaughter and on those days the harassment wasn’t there, as they were being watched. In my opinion (I’m no professional) my granddaughter will continue to carry the scars that these women have incurred throughout most of her life.

My letter is to see if maybe I can rally the troops, if you will, and get these two out of their seat of power, and stop the harassment. If you can’t teach, leave the job. Please.


Pamala Darleen Adams

Very concerned Grandmother

Akron, Ohio