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Defendants Plead Guilty To Crimes

By Staff | Feb 24, 2010

In continuing cases from Wetzel County Circuit Court Feb. 5, Judith Romine, Kimberly Rial, Joshua Sing, and Eugene Huggins were in court to enter pleas, although they had not been formally arraigned. Plea agreements were granted to these persons all dealing with crimes associated with addiction.

Judith Lynn Romine, 50, of 819 Fifth Street Apt. 5, New Martinsville, entered a guilty plea for her one-count charge of embezzlement. Hummel sentenced her to one-10 years in the West Virginia State Penitentiary for Women. Hummel placed her on probation for three years to make restitution. In a special plea agreement, the court will withdraw the felony plea and replace it with a guilty plea to the misdemeanor offense of petty larceny if she makes restitution.

On Dec. 12 Romine committed the felony offense when she took an $8,859 deposit entrusted to her as an employee of 7-11 in New Martinsville. She took the deposit to a gambling facility in Moundsville wherein she lost $5,812. The balance of the deposit was returned to the 7-11. Romine planned to leave town but she instead turned herself in to her employer, who then called the police. She admitted both then and in court that she has a gambling problem.

Under probation she is not to enter any gambling facilities or participate in any gambling of any kind, as well as seek treatment. Romine has no prior criminal offenses and she is seeing a psychiatrist and attending Gamblers Anonymous meetings. If she violates probation she will be sentenced to one-10 years in the West Virginia State Penitentiary for Women. She is to pay $5,812 and all court costs.

Kimberly Jane Rial, 20, of 79 North 28 Rose Street, New Martinsville, pleaded guilty to her four counts: count one being felony offense burglary, count two being misdemeanor offense obtaining money, property, and services by false pretense, and counts three and four being misdemeanor offense petty larceny. Rial entered into a plea agreement to serve one-10 years in the West Virginia State Penitentiary for Women for her count one felony charge and up to a year for each misdemeanor counts. Under her sentence, she is allowed parole after 18 months. If she does not make parole at that time she is then eligible to petition for Rule 35 sentence modification.

Rial took a coin jar, camera, gold coins, and cash totaling less than $1,000 from a Mr. McDougal’s residence. His money and belongings were recovered. Rial also obtained money from the New Martinsville United Methodist Church under false pretense in the amount of less than $1,000 by representing herself as a homeless person with two children. Lastly, she stole gasoline at Go-Mart twice on Dec. 19, with the sum being less than $1,000.

It was the state’s opinion that she has a substance abuse problem. All of the offenses were related to her drug abuse. “We have entered into this plea agreement to be concurrent with her Tyler County charges of one-three years for breaking and entering,” said Wetzel County Prosecutor Tim Haught. “She must also pay restitution for several other petty offenses and court costs.” Petty offenses to be repaid include $200 to Jane Rial, $128 to Azteca, $91.80 to the New Martinsville United Methodist Church, and $58.19 to Go-Mart.

Joshua Paul Sing, 23, of RR1 Box 391, New Martinsville, was in Judge Hummel’s courtroom to enter into a plea agreement. Sing pleaded guilty to one-count misdemeanor offense possession of a controlled substance (heroin). He was previously sentenced to up to one year in the Northern Regional Jail. After serving 44 days, Hummel suspended his sentence and he ordered Sing to supervised probation on Feb. 5.

Sing was in a vehicle stopped by police in Paden City. While stopped, officers smelled marijuana and a K-9 Unit indicated the vehicle contained drugs. Upon searching the vehicle officers found a pill crusher, 10 stamps of heroin, and marijuana. Sing stated he was just going along for a ride with a Mr. Baker to purchase heroin and sell some of it in surrounding areas. Officers found 28 more stamps of heroin in Mr. Baker’s socks and Sing had 18 stamps in his pockets.

Sing was fully cooperative and has agreed to provide testimony against Baker. Sing has no prior convictions and acknowledged in court he has a drug problem for which he’s already arranged counseling. Hummel insisted he be monitored very closely.

Lastly, Eugene John Huggins, 21, of 28 Rose Street Lot 8N, New Martinsville, was in court for a petition to revoke probation. However, he was present without counsel. There are allegations against him of violating his probation as he tested positive for marijuana. As Huggins was without counsel, Hummel reappointed Kevin Neiswonger to his case. No return date is set at this time.