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From Rosetta Cozart

By Staff | Feb 17, 2010

This is the third and final letter thanking all those who helped with the Wetzel County Animal Shelter Auction.

Thank you for your patience through the completion of these letters. It was wonderful to have had so many donors and volunteers that it would take three letters to recognize everyone. Every volunteer worked tirelessly and persistently to complete every task to ensure a successful event.

A special thank you to each and every volunteer: Christy Weaver, Debra King, Pam Ferrell, Mike Clark, Leslie Manley, Joan Frye, Melissa Dinger, Nancy Dorsch, Penny Hamilton, Penny Burch, Carol Pefferman, Margaret Pefferman, Helen Benet, Susan Fair, Becci Loy, Lou and Joe Rabel, Deloris Murdock, Ruth Starkey, Stephanie Wells, Celia Johnson, Mike Cozart, Doug Hayes, Goldie Poole, Barry and Michelle Doak, and Connie Yeager. I would like to thank the offices of Dr. Barnes, Dr. White, and Dr. Meckley for having tickets available to the public.

This was the first year for Connie Yeager to direct the auction. She would like to personally thank each volunteer for making her job so easy.

Without the great efforts of all workers, such an event would not be possible. Plans are already being discussed for next year’s auction. Businesses that would like to be contacted to donate items for the auction and anyone wishing to volunteer, please contact the Wetzel County Animal Shelter 304-455-5348 or Connie Yeager 304-455-1419.

Again, thanks to all businesses and volunteers for contributing. Hope to see everyone next year.

Rosetta Cozart

Wetzel County Animal Shelter Director