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From Robbin Rector

By Staff | Feb 17, 2010

Lately there has been a lot of press from the “Concerned Citizens of Wetzel County Action Group.”Here is my questions for them. If they are truly “Concerned Citizens for Wetzel County”, where were they when the logging industry was destroying property and hauling overloaded trucks with logs? The same roads they are now proclaiming such concerns for.

Where were they when students were taken out of local high schools due to drug overdoses? That should have caused so much concern and outrage that they should still be drawing attention to the issue. Where were they during the recent snow stormswhen citizens were without power and telephones?Were they delivering groceries, shoveling snow, hauling firewood,taking hot meals to shut-ins?Actuallyhelping the neighbors they are representing?

If they were truly concerned for the “Citizens of Wetzel County” it would seem that there would be more involved in the county and community rather than showing up at accidents and causing more concerns for the law officials and medical assistance team assisting those involved in the accidentsrather than trying to assistthose in need of their attention and keep an eye ona “Concerned Citizen”as they dart in and outof traffic to getpicturesof the accident.

I’m sorry, but the lack of attention they are paying toevents that are happening in the county and community that have cause for outrage and true concerns leads one to believe that they are only truly concerned with harassing those trying to earn a living and support their families.

Robbin Rector

New Martinsville