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Glendenning Publishes First Book

By Staff | Jan 27, 2010

Paden City’s Debra Morgan Glendenning has realized her dream with the publishing of her first book, Little Lost Baxter.

Debra Morgan Glendenning’s dreams have come true.

Since her early teens Glendenning has wanted to be a writer. Even simple letters to friends were lengthy with creative flair. Now she certainly has something to write her friends about with the publication of her first children’s book, Little Lost Baxter.

Glendenning moved to North Carolina for a short while in 1984 where one day she decided to write a children’s book. “It was like building a house,”

Glendenning described. “It started with a sentence and I just added onto it until it was finished.” She then pursued publishing houses for years but had no luck in finding a company best suited.

Last fall she discovered Publish America out of Frederick, Md. Through their Web site, publishamerica.com, Glendenning sent in an excerpt of her story. The very next day the publishing house asked for a full manuscript and illustrations, and the day after that they gave her the life-changing news that they wanted to print her book.

Glendenning wrote and illustrated the 25-page children’s book about a bear named Baxter who wakes up one summer morning and feels like taking a walk. Along the way he meets new sights, sounds, and adventures, and gets lost in all of the excitement. “I have a passion for writing and a love of children,” said Glendenning. “So what better way to reach them than through a good book?”

Glendenning had her first book signing in October. The book has been available online since June and at several book stores since August 2009. The book is even available in Europe! Glendenning is in the process of scheduling more book signings and readings in area libraries and elementary schools. Particularly, events are being planned for the Middlebourne and Paden City public libraries.

“My dream has come true,” said Glendenning happily. She quit her job in December 2009 to concentrate fully on writing and illustrating. Little Lost Baxter is the first of four children’s stories she’s completed. The remaining three are in the process of publishing as well.

Raised in Sistersville and currently residing in Paden City, Glendenning lives with her husband Ronald and daughter Amanda.

She has two other children as well and four grandchildren. Being a local nearly all of her life, Glendenning is excited to have her book available to fellow residents of Wetzel and Tyler counties.

To find her book, search the internet under her name, the title of the book, or simply insert the following ISBN into a book store’s search bar: 978-1-60749-256-6. Contact the Middlebourne or Paden City public libraries for updated event information, or e-mail Glendenning at debbnron@yahoo.com.