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Adult Peer Pressure

By Staff | Jan 27, 2010

We all know children, adolescents, and teens are subject to peer pressure. It can affect their clothing, speech, grades, and more.

I think adults are, generally speaking, not so affected by peer pressure. But lately I have wondered if that is true-particularly in the cyber world.

Probably every person with an e-mail account has seen the type of forward that ends with a phrase such as “If you have a great friend, send this to them, including to the person who sent it to you.”

It is probably peer pressure that caused you to hit the reply button. You didn’t want that person to think you didn’t like them. Right?

I have seen messages on Facebook lately that say something to the effect, “If you have a great sister/husband/mother, then copy and post this status on yours.”

I have yet to copy those posts, simply as an act of defiance in the face of adult peer pressure. I do have a great family and I?appreciate them. They all know that. It doesn’t take a pre-written copy-and-paste status to tell the world.

True gratitude and appreciation is seen in everyday life. It rears its head in statuses posted from real-life situations.

When appreciation comes from the heart, it occurs naturally, often without contemplation. It isn’t said out of guilt, but out of thanksgiving.