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From Kitty Miller

By Staff | Jan 21, 2010

January 4, 2010 would have been my father’s 60th birthday. He died an untimely death on February 15, 2008; his death profoundly changed my life and fundamentally change who I am as a person.

My father was an unassuming man. His name infamous in life, but in his death his name would become known by some of the most powerful.

Senator Rockefeller, you are a member of The Senate Committee for Veterans Affairs; you are my Senator and you were my father’s Senator. The current policies of the Veterans Administration regarding licensure requirements of medical professionals require significant change. The current Administration’s policies allow medical professionals to practice medicine within the Veterans Administration without reporting to their perspective state medical boards. This practice allows medical professionals to practice without any personal responsibility or accountability to their license if a veteran is injured or killed. Moreover, the current recruitment strategies, specifically the current television commercial, pointing out this benefit to practice at the Veterans Administration clearly violates the Veterans Administration’s Patient Bill of Rights and lowers the standard of quality healthcare providers the Veterans Administration recruits.

You know why I have written this letter. My mission is clear. And when you think that you’ve heard the last of me….that is when I will relive those 10 days in February 2008 when I witnessed doctors removing organs and limbs from my father’s body in an attempt to save his life; that is when I will relive watching him take his last breath…..and it will be at that time, Sir, that you will hear from me again.

Kitty Miller

daughter of Robert Mossor 1949-2008

New Martinsville