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From Denver McMullen

By Staff | Jan 21, 2010

During that time in European history known as the Dark Ages, it was a time when men cast aside their faith, values, most recorded knowledge, and became again that base creature where lawlessness, chicanery, and vulgarity became the norm. During this time, a cruel device was created that deprived a person “usually female” of their free will and control of their actions to a great degree. It was a hideous work of metal construction with a locking device. Once affixed to a person it could only be removed by that person who possessed the unlocking device-the key. Its only purpose was to prevent the act common to the human species whereby procreation is accomplished.

One can only imagine the suffering and torment this poor unfortunate endured. The question of sanitation need not be discussed! The wretch who created and applied this horrible cage had only one concern of “paramount importance!” He must know that he has in his possession the only key to that device. History leaves us no record of some wily knight errant who may have purloined a duplicate key and set off to free the fair damsel from her forced imprisonment. Upon being released she again regained that free will that some time before was taken from her and she would once again be able to exercise said will in a manner she thought appropriate.

Surely Americans must realize that in the halls of our Congress, legislation is being crafted that if enacted into law, will place upon the person of every American, a device more odious and cruel that the chastity belt described above. It will be the chains of bondage and the iron sole of the tyrant’s boot. Great thunder, America! There are 320 million of us and only 500 and some of them. Let’s give them the bums rush this November and again in 2012 and come out of the Dark Ages and start another Renaissance where faith, fidelity, and honor will be the norm.

Denver McMullen