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WCSD Arrests Beisel

By Staff | Jan 20, 2010

Jason T. Beisel

The Wetzel County Sheriff’s Department has arrested a second man in connection with the theft of approximately 75 firearms and 28 old pocket knives from an undisclosed residence in Wetzel County.

Jason Tyler Beisel, 26, of 38493 State Route 7, Sardis, has been charged with the felonies of nighttime burglary and receiving or transferring stolen goods. The charges carry possible penalties of one to 15 years and one to 10 years with a fine of up to $2,500, respectively.

His bond was posted at a total of $40,000 surety. As of Tuesday morning Beisel was still in the Northern Regional Jail.

Cpl. Roger Spragg’s report says a light blue fleece glove left behind at the scene of the crime is what connected Beisel to the theft. Spragg had found the glove in the room from which the guns were stolen, then later found out from codefendant James Skylar Barnhart’s girlfriend that she had given Beisel that glove and its match as a gift in December.

Beisel had been connected to the theft early on as deputies had found eight of the stolen guns hidden in the rafters of a garage he owns with another person, the old Newman’s garage, located at the corner of Linden Avenue and Locust Street in New Martinsville.

However, Beisel had provided a written statement that he had seen Barnhart with guns and he had them at the house and at the garage. In addition, Beisel knew Barnhart was selling guns and said he had traded a car stereo, presumably for a firearm, with Barnhart on Jan. 7.

However, when Spragg and Chief Deputy Rob Haught interviewed Barnhart on Jan. 8, he said the guns turned in by three Sistersville men came from Beisel.

Continuing to piece together the truth, an interview with Barnhart’s girlfriend on Jan. 11 revealed that Beisel had shown her the attic full of guns Jan. 7 and he said they came from his father.

Spragg and Chief Deputy Rob Haught are continuing the investigation and Spragg says more arrests are pending.

The WCSD is asking anyone who has purchased firearms or knives from either of the defendants to call the department at 304-455-2430.

Weapons stolen from the undisclosed residence were:

(make, model, caliber, type, serial number)

Colt single action 45 Pistol 5A23813

Colt single action 45 Pistol 206755A

Colt single action 45 Pistol 637005A

Colt single action 32/20 Pistol 344460

Colt single action target 22 Pistol G27625

Colt single action 22 Pistol 2606P

Colt single action 32/20 Pistol 196246

Colt single action target 22 Pistol 342269

Colt Python 357 Pistol E59635

Colt King Cobra 357 Pistol KC8402

AMT 45 Pistol B29801

VD single action 44 Pistol 535740

Ruger Black Hawk 44 Pistol 29778

North American 22 Pistol B16658

Ruger B, single action 45 Pistol 85-44487

Ruger single action 45 Pistol 46-73035

Ruger single action 357 Pistol 33-62267

Ruger Mark II 22 Pistol 211-26269

Ruger 3 22 Pistol 130-65402

Ruger 77UL 30 bolt rifle 70-85584

Ruger 77M 250 bolt rifle 79-83329

Smith & Wesson 624 44 Pistol AHB6887

S&W 657 41 Pistol AHW3665

S&W 629 44 Pistol AFZ9194

S&W 686 357 Pistol AFE7414

S&W 629-1 44 Pistol N875518

S&W 686 357 Pistol ADW6893

S&W 629-1 44 Pistol ALM9944

S&W 17-4 22 Pistol 7SK7621

S&W 28 357 Pistol 31677

S&W 29 44 Pistol 5180973

S&W 34-1 22 Pistol 75031

S&W 586 357 Pistol AH2132

S&W 63 22 Pistol M18750

S&W 25-5 45 Pistol N843244

S&W 686 357 Pistol AFS3075

Colt Trooper 22 Pistol 422617

Colt DB 38 Pistol ND2786

Colt DB 22 Pistol 560024

Colt DB 38 Pistol 579834

Colt G45 45 Pistol 78G36062

Ruger No.1 L 30 rifle 131-37141

Ruger 10-22 22 rifle 125-51619

Ruger M14 223 rifle 183-37461

Ruger No.1 7mm rifle 131-08977

Ruger No.1 300 rifle 130-28633

Ruger No.1 243 rifle 5726

Ruger No.1 30 rifle 2408

Ruger No.1 375 rifle 130-03690

Ruger No.1 22 rifle 130-10982

AMT 25-22 20 rifle J01140

Rossi 12ga shotgun R6941

Win. 94 30 rifle 4828400

Rem. 11-87 12ga shotgun PC012557

French 20ga shotgun 12849

Win. Single 22 rifle 90162

Marlin G39A 22 rifle 23253097

Browning 92 44 rifle 10010PX167

Win. 94 30 rifle 3623460

Savage 99C 22 rifle 198264

Savage 99A 243 rifle C206823

Savage 99C rifle C399015

Browning 458 rifle 56070L70

Weatherby Mark-V 22/250 rifle S01698

Ruger M77 7mm rifle 70-59785

Win. 70 30 rifle 172283

S&W M6291 pistol AWF6886

Ruger No.1 458 rifle 131-00216

Ruger M14 223 rifle 187-78690

Rem. 30-06 rifle 8208512

S&W 617 224 GJP8172

Thompson Center Encore 50 rifle 209-2177

Navy Arms 45Colt pistol 156129

S&W 22 pistol BSR6257

Ruger 10/22 22 rifle 240-48636