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Let The Races Begin!

By Staff | Jan 13, 2010

It may seem like the political season started months ago, with candidates announcing their pre-candidacy, but the official start occurred Monday as county clerks and the Secretary of State began accepting candidate filings. The filing period is still new, not ending until Jan. 30.

We believe some of the races should be very interesting, both in the primary and general elections. We will watch with a wary eye and quickening pulse as the candidates will vie for the seats. However, we do hope the races will remain clean and, for the most part, pleasant. The smear tactics we have seen in past elections, primarily those of a statewide or national nature, have been quite distasteful.

We all need to remember that it is the good of the general public that should be at stake. . not the reputation of a politician. It should all be for the greater good of all, not just a candidate.

May the best candidates win!