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From Tom Stark

By Staff | Jan 13, 2010

An open letter to the people of the First Congressional District:

While this letter references my candidacy, and I want your vote, this letter is truly a call to the voters of the First Congressional District to make their vote count, on May 11, as well as next November. Let the rest fall where it may.

But, if I were to provide a premise whereby my campaign differs from any other in this race to unseat Alan Mollohan it would be this: Simply unseating Alan Mollohan is not enough.

There is already a consensus building among District 1 voters that Mr. Mollohan’s tenure should end. While his performance and positions are the issues in the general election (if he survives in May), they are not the most important issues between now and May 11.

Those that replace the current bunch must have a new mind-set about what the government should do. Go to the polls armed with the truth-the knowledge of whether your candidate is committed to a different vision of government. Then we have a chance of making America one that puts individual liberty above all else.

The questions to which voters should demand answers over the next four months are:

How well does the candidate reflect a desire to do more than remove Alan Mollohan?

Does he/she understand the needs, hopes, and dreams of the average voter or will they merely rationalize, voting the party line?

Does he/she offer substantive proposals and initiatives that are different from the normal, party-line talking points?

What specifics are provided on how he/she would fix the problems?

How informed, vocal, and involved has the candidate been with the issues before declaring their entry into the race?

What makes any one candidate stand out as the best choice to support your principles?

Is he/she attractive based on status, money, and name recognition or for real answers and positions on the issues that concern you?

Do you get straight, truthful answers or slogans, talking points, and five minute dissertations?

Listen, evaluate, read, and educate others as much as you can. Encourage your friends and neighbors to make their vote count in May by doing likewise! Our state and country desperately need it and expect it of us. The survival of America as we knew her in the past demands it, and we cannot continue to stand much longer without it!

Tom Stark, candidate

1st Congressional District