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Where Are The Children?

By Staff | Jan 6, 2010

The snow keeps falling and schools continue to close locally as our area is being hit with an unusual amount of long-term snow.

So where are the kids who are playing in it?

I have seen only one child (other than my own and the two big kids who live under the same roof) out playing in the fluffy stuff. I wanted to get a photo of a child sled riding to put on the front page. I finally saw one child, but by the time I circled back around to his tiny slope, the child had retreated back inside. Vanished.

I can only imagine that the children of today are too busy doing virtual snowboarding on the Wii they got for Christmas. It’s much more comfortable I suppose. After all, they wouldn’t even need to get bundled up. They could even pretend to be Shaun White while in their skivvies. All they need to do is grab the video game controller and push a button in their over-heated homes. Why, who wouldn’t choose that over the real thing?

Probably Shaun White. . . or any other Olympian or real athlete.

Sure, winter can be cold. The snow can make your clothes wet, but the fun is in conquering the great outdoors. We are blessed with this gift of beautiful precipitation so very few times that it is a must to get out there and enjoy it if you can.

Just bundle up. If you wear enough layers you can stay pretty warm. When it gets to bee too much, then go inside for a much-deserved cup of hot cocoa. It tastes extra sweet when it chases a snowball fight.