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Hospital Completes Room Renovations

By Staff | Dec 30, 2009

This newly renovated room at Wetzel County Hospital shows off some of the updated features including all private rooms, flat screen televisions, new beds, comfortable recliners, and updated curtains and wall treatments.

Wetzel County Hospital has completed renovations to the hospital’s patient rooms, hallways, and waiting areas. With assistance of Lisa Frasure, from Innerspace Interior Design, the hallways and rooms have been given a fresh modern look. The floors have been retiled and wall surfaces painted in warm country colors, fabrics and furniture have all been updated. The most important change is the move toward more private patient rooms.

“We set out to provide a quiet, comfortable, and professional environment for our patients, as well as mixing safety, function, and cleanliness,” said Arlene Summers, R.N. Chief Nurse for Inpatient Services at Wetzel County Hospital. “We know when patients are sick they do not need another patient, their family and friends disrupting their sleep, television watching, or private time.”

New furnishings and beds were purchased for every patient room. The Stryker S3 beds were chosen with safety design for patients and functional features for staff. Each Stryker S3 bed is equipped with a built-in Chaperone Bed Exit System with Zone Control to aid in fall prevention. The bed is also capable of continuously tracking the patient’s body position and a built-in scale allows for daily weights. New, more comfortable mattresses have also been purchased that provide a pleasing, restful, yet cleanable surface with built-in bacteria resistant properties.

Comfortable, cleanable, and attractive fully reclining lounge chairs purchased for each patient room will provide a more comfortable stay for family members who might need to remain with us for longer hours. All patient rooms are equipped with a high resolution, 32-inch flat screen television with local cable, the Patient Channel for education on health issues, and wireless internet is available for patient use. New patient privacy curtains we installed to compliment the updated floor and wall colors and new window shades were installed to provide better room darkening to help patients rest during daylight hours.

The new nurse’s stations are designed to reduce noise levels at night as well as to provide better space for nursing and medical staff to work. Additional space has been provided for storage of medication carts, crash carts, and the planned installation of a new medication distribution system.

Included in the renovations was the expansion of the Cardiac Rehab Department which was enlarged to allow better utilization of this department. New exercise and Cardiac Stress Test equipment was purchased to complete the department’s renovation. “We are excited about the additional space, new treadmills, cycles, monitors, and work areas. This will improve our ability to help our patients in their rehabilitation in a more pleasant, spacious area,” said Becky Langsdorf, Cardiac Rehabilitation Nurse.

New wireless Cardiac Monitors have been installed in the ICU, as well as new Telemetry units for use throughout the hospital. The Cardiac Nurses will now be able to follow tracings on any patient utilizing these devices anywhere in the hospital. The monitoring system was also installed in the Emergency Department.

A new back entry to the ICU was built and areas have been constructed to house an automated medical dispensing unit, which is being planned for the near future. New cabinetry was installed in the clean and soiled utility rooms and both nourishment areas.

“Patient comfort, privacy, convenience, and safety have all been elevated to a new level,” said George Couch, chief executive officer. “We are confident that these improvements will enhance the patient experience at Wetzel County Hospital. I have spoken to many patients who are delighted with the improvements. We appreciate the patience of our patients and staff during the construction and renovations.”

Patients and visitors are welcome to stop in and see the improvements or ask any staff member for a brief tour.