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From R.E. Miller

By Staff | Dec 30, 2009

I received a long lengthy form letter reply back from Senator Rockefeller to a letter I had written him. It was obvious he did not read my letter nor were any of my points discussed. So I replied to his letter with the response below.

Dear Senator,

I read your letter. Evidently you did not read mine. Please grant me the same courtesy. Your staff has probably pitched it already so below are the basic points.

I have noted you have voted to defeat several of the amendments to the health care bill that the majority would have liked to have had passed (limiting governmental control over our health care, allowing doctors to have a say instead of the government in prevention services, not allowing federal funding on abortions, using Medicare funds to save Medicare, etc.) It is very clear you have your own agenda and you do not represent your constituents.

I have made the following vow in reference to those who continue to do as you are doing, and I will keep it: “I am going to do all I can in my power to remove these senators from office by whatever means that are morally correct-be it physical effort, monetarily useful, or other means.”That, Senator, you can take to the bank. Congressman Mollohan has made a fatal career mistake in passing this bill.

I urge you to vote “No” and not pass this legislation.


R.E. Miller

New Martinsville