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From Paul Shank

By Staff | Dec 30, 2009

First I would like to congratulate the Magnolia Blue Eagles football team for a fine year.

Second I would like to ask why a kid on said team was passed over for recognition on the OVAC squads.

Here is a list to think about: tackles, 144, 58 solos, 86 assists; 12 tackles for loss yardage; 15 sacks; one fumble recovery; and two safeties. Not bad for 5-foot, 5-inch, 160-pound linebacker number 33, Zack Neff.

I do not know how the selections are made or who makes them, but with his resume he did not even get mentioned. Myself and several others around the area are in disbelief that this has happened. Why?

Paul Shank

New Martinsville