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From Darleen Adams

By Staff | Dec 30, 2009

I’m a grandparent with great concern for my grandchildren who go to Shortline Elementary School in Reader.

My granddaughter is in a special needs class at Shortline. One day two weeks ago a teacher’s aide grabbed her by the arm and shoulder, leaving her fingernail imprints, scratches, and bruising on my granddaughter. Then she proceeded to drag her down the hall on carpet-which she then received rug burns-to the office.

I do not think any parent or a teacher who is getting paid to teach and guide our children or grandchildren has the right to do this to any student. I believe the Board of Education, by doing nothing, upholds it as if to say it’s “okay” to do whatever they want to the students. In my opinion she should have been fired and fined for what she did to my granddaughter. What has she done to other children in that school?

Parents be aware of what’s going on, especially if your child is in the special needs class. I am very upset about this and hope this reaches the right set of ears by being posted in the paper.

I feel the Board of Education needs to take a good look at the people they hire and especially into the incident I’m referring to in this letter.

Darleen Adams

Akron, Ohio