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‘Tis The (Post) Season

By Staff | Dec 16, 2009

Former New York Giant and WVU Mountaineer Jeff Hostetler offers some refreshment to one of the volunteer wrappers. (Photos by Roger Sealey)

We’ve heard so much about a certain professional sports figure lately, I won’t even bother to print the name of the golfer, that I thought you should hear a positive story from the world of professional sports.

This past weekend I had the pleasure of helping The Hoss Foundation execute its Gift Project. This is a foundation headed by Jeff Hostetler, former quarterback of the West Virginia University Mountaineers and New York Giants. In fact, he won a Super Bowl in that position in 1991 over the Buffalo Bills.

His foundation partners with dozens of other non-profit organizations throughout the state of West Virginia to provide Christmas Gifts to families who would otherwise do without.

This year the project purchased gifts totalling approximately $100 for over 550 people. Do the math, that’s a very large donation. Some of my family members, friends, and I were honored to be able to shop Saturday night for the people, taking great care to make each $100 count by selecting items we thought they would love at prices that would stretch the budget.

Then on Sunday we joined countless other in wrapping the gifts. Even more volunteers would deliver them. Throughout the whole process Hostetler was there thanking everyone for their help, joining in the process, helping solve problems, and lending a hand wherever he could.

When I did an internet search for some facts about Hostetler I found this statement that literally brought a smile and laugh: “Perhaps most impressive about Hostetler was his ability to perform very well in the post-season.” I’d say that still holds true today. His post-season is still very impressive.