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From Dale Huggins

By Staff | Dec 2, 2009

First of all, I would like to thank the county inmates for picking up the trash from West Virginia state Route 2 to the top of Anderson Hill. We need to catch the trash throwers and put them in the inmates’ clothing. Jail is too good for them.

People park their cars at the spot near Route 2. They park and party, then throw their trash out. Don’t you losers see your trash when you come to town the next day? Show a little respect for the Proctor area. How do you think this looks to people visiting Proctor?

This is just a question. Is there more trash being thrown out since we have out-of-towners working in the Proctor area? Discarding breakfast meal wrappers and drinks while going to the job. Throwing out empty beer cans when leaving work while going back to their motel rooms, etc. Remember, this is just a question.

What do you see along the road? I see beer cans, pop cans, energy drinks, small bags of trash, fast food meal wrappers, and we still have those losers throwing out the green Mountain Dew bottles and cans. Who are these losers?

I said in my other letter if you’re with the person throwing trash out, you’re just as guilty. Take your garbage home. You pay somebody to haul your trash away.

Reasons for trash throwing: Just doesn’t care; no respect; out-of-towners; losers; drinkers, waste meal wrappers; house, yard, and can already full; afraid of parent or wife (empty beer cans); can’t or doesn’t read letters in the Chronicle.

Dale Huggins