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It Can Happen To Anyone

By Staff | Nov 25, 2009

“It could never happen to me.”

“Our child/grandchild would never get mixed up in drugs.”

“I have preached against drugs enough that my child/grandchild wouldn’t even think about touching them.”

Unfortunately those can easily be famous last words. The Schmidts probably never thought their daughter could get mixed up in the world of illegal, life ruining drugs, but she did. Cori Schmidt was brave enough to share her story in this week’s Wetzel Chronicle and, like her, we hope her story may open some eyes. It can and does happen. It can steal health and lives-not to mention money and reputations.

Cori came from a good home. She was involved in many activities both in and out of school. She was busy, yet she still found the time to dabble in drugs, end up addicted, and finally contract a life-threatening illness thanks to the usage.

It happens and it can happen in your family, your world. Keep up the fight.