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Where’s Judy?

By Staff | Nov 18, 2009

Hopefully many of you have noticed the absence of Judy Hill’s column in the past few issues of the Wetzel Chronicle. If so, you undoubtedly wondered why her writing had vanished from these pages.

Unfortunately Judy wasn’t feeling up to writing and after several tests she found out precisely why-she has been diagnosed with acute leukemia.

It isn’t the diagnosis anyone wants to hear and Judy has been very vocal in the past about telling doctors they don’t deliver cancer news very well, but we think she has received it like Troy Polamalu who’s ready to return the ball in his favor, showing the opponent who’s boss!

Anyone who knows Judy knows she is very strong, courageous, and is a fighter. She will undoubtedly approach the big “C”, for a second time, in typical Judy style.

On Sunday she headed to Columbus to the Ohio State Cancer Center where she had more tests so her doctor can come up with a game plan. She is thankful the reaction to the disease has progressed so quickly and I have now doubt she will make sure all of the doctors, nurses, and the like know she is the one in charge, while keeping them all smiling and laughing through it all.

Judy is in good spirits and we hope our readers will help her stay that way. She said on her Facebook that everyone’s “kindness has been my inspiration.”

You don’t have to be her Facebook friend to keep in touch. She welcomes mail to Judy Hill Miller, c/o Lynn Stecklein, 4450 Plain City Georgesville Rd NE, Plain City, OH 43064. You are also welcome to drop off mail here at the Wetzel Chronicle office and we will pass it along, or even send an e-mail here to my address below and I’ll make sure she gets it.