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Traffic Lights Installed

By Staff | Nov 18, 2009

Some workers are lifted above state Route 2 at the Riverview Plaza traffic light to install new devices, including digital detectors that will alert the mechanism when there is a car waiting at a red light. (Photo by Amy Witschey)

After inquiries from the public regarding the new traffic signals being installed in the Steelton section of New Martinsville, new information has been obtained. These new traffic signals provide much needed technological advances for the public’s convenience and safety. The signals are completely computer-operated and will be monitored through the Charleston office. Technological advances include digital detectors (that look much like cameras) that replace pavement touch pads. These detectors better detect the presence of a vehicle to more accurately and quickly change signals.

Also new to the traffic signals are lights atop the signal boxes. According to Bob Whipp, district engineer for the Division of Highways, the signals have a receiver for emergency vehicles. The emergency vehicles have a transmitter that will let the signal boxes know a vehicle needs through and it will then change the light appropriately. The light atop the boxes will flash when this happens, so that anyone seeing it will know the transmission was properly received.

This signal renovation project is located on state Route 2 in New Martinsville. The work consists of installing four new traffic signals at the intersections of Riverview Plaza, Benjamin Drive, New Martinsville Plaza, and Riverside Village. Expect little or no delays.

The contract was awarded to Eight Treasures of Kentucky, of Catlettsburg, Ky, at a cost of $206,615.50. The completion date is Jan. 29, 2010.