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Taking Back Mayberry

By Staff | Nov 18, 2009

The news in this week’s Wetzel Chronicle is enough to make us want to shut and lock our doors and insulate ourselves from the outside world. Two armed robberies in our area in the span of two days? Drug overdoses? Fatal fires and accidents? Just what is happening here?

We certainly don’t know the real answer, but we can’t help but think that drugs and the down economy, even a combination of the two, are the root of many of our troubles.

We need to “Stop the Madness” as a classic infomercial said so blaringly several years back. We cannot let our area, our personal Mayberry, become a place where such crime exists. We’ve got to take it back.

The anti-drug meeting on Monday night was a start, but the movement needs more support, more talk, more elbow grease. We hope everyone will join in this fight.