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From Nelda Ice

By Staff | Nov 11, 2009

The residents of the New Martinsville Tower would like to extend our thanks to Rebecca Blair, Rebecca Patterson, Alexajo Hanna, Mikayla Phillips, Kelsi Heasley, Emily Patterson, Emily Amos, Krysten Miller, Lindsay Cain, Hannah Keys, Morgan Dawson, Carly Hall, Abbey Horner, Aly Smith, Maddie Bridgeman, Alexis Pixler, Dallas Mullett, Carson Kelly, and Maryam Boumezreg. All are members of the Young Ladies Union (YLU) of Magnolia and are under the direction of Jan Emch. They prepared and served many delicious foods and desserts to the Tower residents. They plan on coming back in a few weeks and we’ll all be ready for them.


Nelda Ice

A Tower resident