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From Cecilia Ries

By Staff | Nov 11, 2009

When shopping at Fashion Bug over the weekend I saw something that the readers needed to know about.

DHHR stands for Department of Health and Human Resources. That’s not the case for the one in New Martinsville. Its apparent that they do not understand what DHHR stands for. When walking on the sidewalk and walking into the local stores you can see the cigarette butts. Not just a few but more than enough to start a cigarette factory.

And these people are supposed to help those in need. If they are here to help people they should show and display the proper way of living. Smoking is bad, it even says so on the package. So why would you go outside of the business that you work at and smoke and then go back into it and tell the clients that its bad for them when you are showing them that you are doing it.

And you can say it’s from the other businesses. You can see that they are all from DHHR. Not only does it look bad to DHHR, but also makes Fashion Bug and AT&T look bad.

Wonder how many germs are laying there? Or even worse H1N1 or other air born diseases that are there. Or even worse a small child picking one up and placing it in his mouth or just walking on it and getting it on his clothes.

People of DHHR clean up your act! Stop smoking at work or even better just plain stop smoking; you might live longer. And stop littering the sidewalks and streets of New Martinsville. Littering is against the law. Maybe we should rename the DHHR to Department of Unhealth Resources.

Cecilia Ries

New Martinsville