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Events Policy Changes

By Staff | Nov 11, 2009

You may have noticed a new Coming Events Policy on the previous page, 3A. Actually, we hope you do take note of the addition.

We have made a few changes here at the Wetzel Chronicle in regards to these community notices. Without going into detail about the weekly debate about if something qualifies for a spot on this listing, we’ll just suffice it to say that a written policy needed to be developed and enforced.

This is a very busy community and we love that about Wetzel County and its surrounding area. This is a place full of activities to do and causes to support. We are happy to report those goings on, but at times we questioned when the events were purely non-profit and when the notices bordered on advertising. So now we have a mechanism in place to allow both types of events to intermingle, a marriage that will hopefully keep our readers even better informed. In this new system we will continue to give top priority to items that are taking place first, putting them in chronological order. However, we will be obligated to also give paid notices priority.

We will also be putting all events on our Web site, www.wetzelchronicle. com, a great source of finding something to do any day of the week.

We hope we’ll help you stay busy and involved!