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From George Antonik

By Staff | Nov 4, 2009

In my letters to the Readers Speak Out Column with my comments and opinions I never will use a person’s name. That’s a common courtesy most people respect. If you hold an important position, title, or speak for a group, that is fair game-an individual’s name is not.

In the past I have been attacked by name by the present mayor, a Main Street businessman, the city fire chief/police judge, and now by the secretary of the Riverfront Development Committee in a long, rambling, venomous letter saying the same old crap that has been said many times before. She used my name no less than 10 times. That is not nice.

The Constitution of the United States guarantees free speech, and newspapers like the Chronicle protect that right. There is no requirement to belong to any group and form any committee to speak out. If you challenge these people, be careful-they can be dangerous. Comments and opinions are not complaints and I don’t write nasty letters, I leave that to others.


George Antonik

New Martinsville