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Citizens Gather For ‘Tea Party’

By Staff | Oct 28, 2009

A citizen attending the “tea party” in front of the Wetzel County Courthouse Saturday afternoon shows her patriotism and holds a handmade sign that she displays to passing motorists.

About 70 people braved the cold and wind to gather in front of the Wetzel County Courthouse Saturday afternoon at the first local “tea party” sponsored by the Wetzel County Conservative Coalition.

The purpose of the event, said an organizer, was to remind politicians that they work for the people and govern only with their approval. The courthouse porch was decorated with the slogan, “Take America Back!”

At one point in the 4 p.m. event a citizen yelled out, “Only one-third of Americans vote, so we get what we deserve.”

While it was not to be a campaigning event, the event’s podium was graced by two Republican candidates for the Second Congressional District’s Representative seat, currently held by Alan Mollohan. Cindy Hall of Wheeling and Tom Stark of Parkersburg spoke on some hot-button topics such as Cap and Trade and the Fair Tax Bill.

Hall said she hopes all citizens will educate themselves on the issues and current events. “Freedom-wise we could lose everything that we’re accustomed to here in America,” cautioned Hall.

Stark said if politicians would simply follow the constitution and honor the oath of office, most problems would be solved. He further asked, “Where is the urgent rush to change this country?” It has been doing just fine without changes, offered Stark.

Both candidates were questioned by the audience about their stance on abortion. Hall said she was completely pro-life while Stark said he was pro-life with some dire exceptions.

Mike Clark, of New Martinsville, was one of the organizers of the “tea party”. He handed out copies of the Bill of Rights, and tea bags also were distributed to those in attendance.

Clark said the event was organized over the last two months by about seven or eight people with the goal of getting Republicans and Democrats together to “take our country back”.