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Hundred Applies For Fee Recovery Program

By Staff | Oct 21, 2009

Hundred town council agreed during their Monday evening meeting to apply for a new program through the West Virginia Department of Revenue and State Tax Department.

The program allows municipal courts to offset unpaid municipal court costs, fines, forfeitures, and penalties against delinquent individuals’ West Virginia State personal income tax refund.

The statute allows municipal courts to notify the State Tax Commissioner of certain unpaid municipal court costs, etc., in order for the State Tax Department to withhold the unpaid amounts from an individual’s personal income tax refund. Any funds withheld will be redirected to the requesting municipal court until the debt is resolved.

The hope is that all West Virginia municipal courts will sign up to participate in this program to improve voluntary compliance and result in less delinquencies to municipalities.

The other main topic addressed dealt with local roads. The council discussed the need to tend to Wetzel Street to make it more level and comfortably accessible. Also, the council decided to mark the corner by the Methodist Church as a no parking zone. When vehicles are parked there it makes seeing and driving around the curve very difficult. In older, related business the Division of Highways is requiring a right of way permit to put up a post at the intersection of Route 250 and Route 69.

In business from the town council’s first meeting of the month, Mayor Charles Sine presented their guest, Delegate Dave Pethtel, with a plaque of appreciation from the Hundred town council for all the hard work he does for the town. Del. Pethtel (D-Wetzel) thanked the council for the plaque and said he was glad he was able to help, along with the support and help of Senator Larry Edgell (D-Wetzel) and Senator Jeffrey Kessler (D-Marshall).

Lastly, the council agreed that trick or treat night will be on Oct. 31 from 6-7:30 p.m.