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From Santina Vigliotti

By Staff | Oct 20, 2009

I would like to respond to specific remarks made by Mr. George Antonik in his letter to the editor dated Oct. 7, 2009.

First, Mr. Antonik laments that the New Martinsville Regatta is gone forever. It is true that this event no longer takes place; an incredible amount of volunteerism is necessary to orchestrate such a mammoth task. I would encourage Mr. Antonik to join a group of individuals who are indeed working towards this goal. Volunteers are always needed.

He is also saddened by the fact that the annual Firemen’s Carnival is no longer held. I urge Mr. Antonik to join the volunteer fire department. This group is always in need of dedicated volunteers. Then perhaps he could chair a committee that could organize this carnival.

I would also like to respond to his criticism of New Martinsville Riverfront Development Committee’s Festival of Memories. It is obvious that he has never attended this festival. He writes, “Young people don’t want to look at a bunch of old pictures, they want fun and excitement.”

Had he been there he would have seen children creating works of art, getting their faces painted, throwing fast pitches, winning free bikes, casting their fishing poles, gazing at fireworks, limbo-ing, dancing, and pie-eating.

And lastly, if Mr. Antonik would like an “annual event with a theme that will attract people all over the valley to our downtown,” the members of NMRDC would support this effort. Mr. Antonik, form a committee, and get cracking!

Unfortunately, these suggestions that encourage Mr. Antonik to start doing and stop complaining will probably once again fall upon deaf ears. You see, Mr. Antonik likes to dictate to others how they volunteer. In past letters to the editor, he said that members of my committee should be working on a skating park or a band stand. It was suggested that he form a committee and work towards these goals. I encourage Mr. Antonik to get involved and make a difference in our community by volunteering himself.

Writing nasty letters isn’t an effective means for getting things done, nor is it an effective method of campaigning for future office. If Mr. Antonik puts his name on a ballot yet again, the voters are going to want to know what he has done for his city, not what he has complained about lately.


Santina Vigliotti, NMRDC secretary