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Things We Can All Do To Help Prevent Colds And Flu

By Staff | Oct 14, 2009

We have always been somewhat responsible for our own wellness. All too often it takes something as the Swine Flu threats to remind us of this. Actually, the reminders are things we should have the common sense to do all the time, not just in flu season.

I have either read or heard many ideas of wellness that are so simple, but we just needed the reminders.

The best one came from a good friend. This was a suggestion I had never really given any thought to, but it again is just common sense and so easily done. When we are in any waiting room, but especially in a health care facility, take your own reading material.

If you do pick up something to read, think about how many others may have touched this, sneezed on it, coughed on it, by just holding it. Also think about what germs they may have had. I can tell you I have made a change in that. I take my own book, or magazine, and I do not lay it down in the waiting room.

Another good suggestion is be prepared should a pandemic occur in your area. Now I knew this, but as usual, have not done it. Make preparations at home: make sure you have a working thermometer, extra tissues, soups, juice or other fluids, jello, pudding, light nutritious foods, cough syrup, throat lozenges, whatever you use to reduce fever and reduce pain, disinfectant, perhaps disposable paper cups and plates, etc. We might not feel like getting out to get them and if we are already infected we shouldn’t be going out anyway. I did buy two face masks and plastic gloves, just in case.

I think one of the most important things we can all do is if you feel ill or think you might be getting a cold, flu, or any other such problem, stay at home. I was recently in a small enclosed room as a man was coughing, sneezing, and those other nasty sounds that come with colds, and he was not covering his face. I thought to myself, wonder what he has or is catching and why is he not at home.

Another good suggestion is if you hear the flu is active in your areas-consider avoiding public places. Go to the store when it is less crowed, avoid close face-to-face interactions, and keep a larger “personal space”. I saw on national news that France has ordered their custom of kissing both cheeks as a greeting stopped all over that country. Being the hugger that I am, I will have to give more thought to my own custom.

Keep hand sanitizers handy-in your car, pocket, backpack, and purse. Be cautious with young children using hand sanitizers; it contains alcohol and they have a tendency to put their fingers in their mouth. A good teaching point for parents.

I think the yearly flu shot is important. We do get that one. I have some reservations about getting the Swine Flu shot. It is certainly a personal decision. One hears all kinds of suggestions getting the shot or not getting the shot. The Swine Flu has already taken its toll in many areas. It is a decision that has given me some things to ponder.

I did hear my favorite TV doctor say he has had the Swine Flu and he had never felt as ill as he did for a few days.

I just hope we all make the right decisions about our health care. Darned pigs! I never was fond of them!