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From Kittie Long

By Staff | Oct 7, 2009

To Verna Dreyer’s letter to the editor: When doing a report I would want clear, concise information, not graffiti. Reports are more than just a few words. As for clipping and saving her niece’s articles and information about Chesapeake in case her grandchildren wanted to do a project on their great-grandfather, I have not seen or read anything her niece has written that would support a project on Lewis Long’s wells.

It is a pretty small world, as Lewis did at first own seven oil wells. After being sick and having major surgery at a late age he sold one.

How those wells would tie in with the Chesapeake Company I don’t know, as my current gasman and his dad bought Lewis Long’s wells. My gasman has not told me that anything would be changing soon. I know about the wells as well as my children and grandchildren. My husband, which is Lewis’ son, has spent many hours helping his dad pump those wells as well as run oil and pull tubing and restring no matter what the weather was like or how tired he may have been. He did have a public job where a lot of times he would work a 16-hour shift, come home, and go help his dad. Sometimes they would have to repair main lines if there was a leak. This was dirty work and there were no modern tools or classy equipment. I knew about the oil and gas business way before I married my husband. That’s been in my family tree forever.


Kittie Long

New Martinsville