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From George Antonik

By Staff | Oct 7, 2009

The older residents and those not so old can recall the New Martinsville Regatta. The greatest fresh water race course in the eastern United States. We could fill both sides of the river with hundreds, maybe thousands of people, no one bothered to count. A great event gone forever.

How about the annual Firemen’s Carnival in Brooklyn with the Thomas Joyland shows. An entire week of rides, a great midway, and fine entertainment, fun for all. It was the only fund raiser the fire department needed for the whole year.

Then came the River Heritage Days, it was small but growing, but by the lack of support and interference by the Riverfront Development group, we lost this event.

In its place we now have the Festival of Memories, sounds like a convention of funeral home directors. Young people don’t want to look at a bunch of old pictures, they want fun and excitement to build their own memories.

Riverfront development will take place when the river decides. Check out the flood gauge on the side of the Museum Building. What we need is New Martinsville development, an annual event with a theme that will attract people from all over the valley to our downtown area.


George Antonik

New Martinsville