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Bring Your Lunch And Enjoy

By Staff | Oct 7, 2009

The Ohio County Public Library in Wheeling, 52-16th Street, hosts weekly programs with authors and others in an informal setting.

We attended a couple last season. It was both an education and a fun experience. I stopped at the library last week to pick up the brochure for this year.

This is not just your usual book review. It is a couple hours spent learning and asking questions.

The great program is free to the public. It is held in the lower level of the library. There is an elevator for those of us that don’t do steps well.

The name of the program is Lunch With Books. Each program is at noon. A sack lunch can be taken, with drinks supplied.

There have already been three programs this season. The next scheduled one will be Oct. 13 at noon. This one should be very important to all of us.

Oct. 13: Dr. Matthew Blommed, assistant director, WV Center for Drug and Health Information and Clinical Assistant Professor, WV School of Pharmacy, will review Our Daily Meds by Melody Petersen. The book is about how the big drug companies earn billions by spending heavily to promote a drug-even one that often doesn’t work as advertised. About 270 Americans die each day from doctor-prescribed medicines.

Oct. 20: Joan Weiskircher of WVNCC will discuss the history of the Hazel Glass Company from its beginning until its demise, including some information on the corporate headquarters building. Joan will also select a nice variety of glass-bottles, jars, and everyday dishware, plus Avon bottle lids, for a temporary display in the Old Wheeling Room.

Oct. 27: Dr. David Javersak will return to discuss his new book, West Liberty: From Academy to University. The book, which covers life on campus from founding of the school in 1837 through today, features many photographs and stories that go beyond the usual chronology of events.

Nov. 3: As we suffer through yet another recession, Rev. Bob Willits will return to explore the repetitive nature of history through his interpretations of “hard hitting songs for hard hit people-the folk music of the Great Depression.

Six other Lunch With Books events are already scheduled for this year, all of which look most interesting and are free. If you are interested in learning more about the history of West Virginia, I know you would enjoy these afternoons. You can pick up a brochure at the Ohio County Library in Wheeling or go online at http://ocplprogamming.blogspot.com/.