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A Modern Girl

By Staff | Sep 23, 2009

On Saturday one of my co-workers, Tammy McGinnis, married the love of her life, Jake Bucy. My almost three-year-old daughter Joellen and I attended the lovely ceremony and reception; Daniel had to be out of town that day. We had a great time sharing their day, visiting with friends, and of course dancing.

I just love watching kids dance and now I even have one of my own out there on the dance floor. I envy how they have no inhibitions. They just want to have fun.

When it came time for the money dance, Joellen was very excited. She didn’t want to dance with the bride or groom, she simply wanted to put money in the purse like the other people. I told her she could and got out my wallet. She instantly reached for the debit card and headed for the dance floor. I stopped her and assured her the bride did not take plastic, she’d have to use real money for this one!

These are the kinds of stories I often put on my Facebook status (a line that tells your friends what you are doing or thinking at the moment). One day my sister was babysitting Joellen when she told her emphatically, “Betsy, I have a plan! We’re going to. . .”

Those words coming from such a young person made Betsy laugh quite a bit. Finally Joellen said, “Yeah, that’s funny! Mommy will have to put that on Facebook!”

My goodness children do learn quickly.

A week or so ago we had eaten at a Cheesecake Factory restaurant. Their portions, even for children, are huge and Joellen had a large amount of spaghetti in her “to go” box, especially since she had slept through dinner.

When we got home she was hungry and wanted some of her spaghetti. I got out the food, a plate, and a fork. She wanted to prepare it herself, so she scooped the leftovers onto her plate, put them into the microwave, and I helped her turn the knob. She said, “Yeah, I know all about cooking!”

At that point I wondered if I had failed miserably in teaching my daughter her way around the kitchen or if I could be deemed a success for instructing her in the value of eating at a good restaurant and bringing the leftovers home. I’ll just believe it’s the latter.