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From Verna Dreyer

By Staff | Sep 16, 2009

I enjoy reading my niece’s article every week, especially about Chesapeake Energy drilling well out in the Silver Hill area. My father and Tammy’s grandfather owned seven wells for many years and worked so very hard for many years before selling them when he was in his 90s.

He worked the oil fields as a young man all over the west. He would have loved to have seen all this going on close to his home at Silver Hill. Tammy’s daughter, Elizabeth, worked on a project a couple of years ago on the wells in West Virginia and won recognition for it.

I’m saving Tammy’s information and also her articles she is writing about Chesapeake for my grandchildren in case they ever want to do a project about their Grandfather Lewis Long.

Thank you,

Verna Dreyer

Annandale, Va.