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From Carla McBee

By Staff | Sep 16, 2009

Our country has seen some sad times and what is so remarkable about the human race is that we need to reach out to each other. Our souls are enriched and our spirits uplifted by helping others. Giving is a need and when accomplished, it lifts us up as individuals and a nation.

I know a wonderful group of ladies who are part of Quota International and better known as the Quota Club in New Martinsville. They spend hours of time organizing fund raising benefits so they can turn around and give it away! They are all about helping others and they do it because it makes them feel fulfilled. They do it because they love being part of a group whose soul purpose is to help others! These ladies are kind and caring and organized and bright. Just being in their company confirms that life is still good in our community.

Times are hard and jobs are lost, but the core of our community is caring about others and a higher power. We are proud of our community and our town. Please support the Quota Bingo Fund Raiser on Oct. 11 and the Blood Analysis on Oct. 24 and 31.

God Bless,

Carla McBee

New Martinsville