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Fad Not Fab

By Staff | Sep 16, 2009

While I am certainly not anyone’s fashion icon, I have an unexplainable addiction to reading InStyle magazine. I have received a gift subscription to it from my sister as my birthday gift of years. There isn’t hardly any gift I appreciate more. I read the monthly indulgence from cover to cover. . . rarely putting any of that fashion and beauty advice to good use.

I have seen a lot of plaid-particularly what I call “lumberjack plaid”-in its pages lately. I was hoping the fad was a fluke.

No offense to the fans of the Short Line area, but I just don’t like lumberjack plaid as a fashion statement. As a school mascot I think it’s great and I’m sure the students at Valley High School are glad to see the fad hit the clothing racks. It surely makes dressing for sporting events and spirit weeks much less difficult.

But I personally don’t want to wear it and I don’t really want to see it on others, of course with the exception of that school spirit context. I was hoping the magazine pages were exaggerating the comeback, but then I went shopping Saturday. The stores were filled with plaid! As we ate dinner in the outdoor portion of a restaurant I watched the people in the plaza area. They were wearing plaid! I often say I won’t give into a fad and then eventually do, I really don’t think you’ll be seeing me in any lumberjack plaid anytime soon.