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Where Are The Volunteers?

By Staff | Sep 9, 2009

The Paden City Lions Club has enough Corning Ware to keep their dime pitch going for years to come, but the volunteers to run the classic game are dwindling. In fact, they haven’t offered the attraction at Town and Country Days for a few years for that very reason.

A long-time volunteer told me this at Paden City’s Labor Day Celebration while handing me dimes like he has since I was a little girl. I pitched a few and handed some over to Joellen, just as my mom did to me.

At the celebration was an interesting place to hear the news as the annual event has been flirting with extinction for a few years for that very reason. They just can’t get enough people to step up and put some honest work into their community and into keeping a tradition alive.

Unfortunately this isn’t a problem exclusive to Paden City; it is the case everywhere. People are just not volunteering like they did in the past. Most of them say they don’t have the time and with the fast pace at which our lives move today, they’re probably right. But somehow we need, as a society, to put our priorities in order and find the time to volunteer for the causes that mean the most to us before they disappear.