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From T. William Haught

By Staff | Sep 9, 2009

Watching and listening to the media, reading newspapers, magazines, and e-mailing friends and colleagues these past few weeks, it is obvious that our elected officials in Washington have shown great arrogance in governing. It is also apparent that although elected by the people, the vast majority of those in Washington show great disdain for us.

After just six months in office, the President, his appointees, and staff are showing arrogance with contempt. Promising transparency and a spirit of “working across the aisle,” Obama, Pelosi, and Reid have arrogantly attempted to steamroll an aggressive socialist agenda through Congress under the guise of “change for a better America.”

Not once in my lifetime until now have I witnessed from Washington such disrespect for the public. Not once prior to this Obama term has my freedom of speech been threatened, my right to disagree compromised, my right to bear arms questioned, my right to demonstrate peaceably attacked, my right to make major health decisions for me and my family compromised, to name a few of my concerns.

And just today, I learned that the White House is encouraging citizens to “snitch” on those who disagree, rally, or share information contrary to the the “Obama line.” Is it any wonder that Americans now are awakening to the crisis that exists within our country?

Thank God Congress is in recess! I encourage every American to use this respite to study the issues and demand accountability from those in Congress. After all, we have elected those in authority. As was related to me recently, we outnumber those in Washington. Should they not be responsible to us, rather than the, “Obama machine!” Don’t they owe us that?

We Americans are quite capable of knowing and weighing the facts before coming to decisions affecting our lives. We do not need an arrogant “Big Brother” in Washington telling us what is best for us.

A Son of Liberty!

T. William Haught