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From Ralph K. Strippel

By Staff | Sep 9, 2009

Is anyone listening, instead of screaming, at our town hall meetings concerning health care in America. Several “talk show” commentators inflame the logical discussion which should take place when we meet with our elected officials. I recently attended the town hall meeting at Wheeling Jesuit University and most of the participants were vocal but not the irrational voices I’ve witnessed on numerous news programs. It seems those who scream the loudest with irrational accusations get filmed and reported. Incomprehensible statements concerning “Death Panels” and “Nazification” serve only to distort the open discussion which should take place to determine the best course of action for all concerned.

Remember, calm reasoned discussion not outlandish, irrational statements by various “Talking-heads” will determine the proper course of action in any reform for America.

Ralph K. Strippel

New Martinsville