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From Kittie Long

By Staff | Sep 9, 2009

It was wonderful to see that Brenda Dorsey was awarded for her reporting. She really was a great reporter and wrote really well. As I recall she was the first to report on the Chesapeake Company when they began seeking leases.

Now for those that want to keep up on that company they have a very nice Web site that has all of their history and pictures as well. If you have invested in their stock it’s all updated constantly. If one does not have a computer of their own they have them at the library one can use.

For the road, yes it’s dusty, but I have seen it in worse shape. But you do not gain prosperity without a little mess to clean up. That would be like mixing up a cake and not getting the bowl dirty.

Hopefully everyone would like to see a more prosperous state and a better life for their children. By the way Chesapeake does hire local.

Kittie Long

Mew Martinsville