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From Donna Ferrell

By Staff | Sep 9, 2009

So many people “:refuse” to read or hear anything that disagrees with or criticizes their religion or their pastor, whereas it may be “agreeing with” the Bible and God.

So many “refuse” to read or hear anything that they feel is “against” a political candidate. Some people choose a candidate and then feel compelled to support them.

President Obama promised America’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, that he would include abortion in health care. Go to youtube.com and hear his views for yourself. I deliberately didn’t choose the video clip for you. Watch them all if you like. Many who consider themselves Pro-Life elected him to office despite his intentions.

Preceding every great reformation there has been an education of the public. Martin Luther educated the public as to what the Bible actually said, versus what the people had been told by religion. Today, many continue to plug their ears when they hear that the Bible says one thing and they want to believe another.

Recently, I watched a true story entitled, Amazing Grace. One man, William Wilberforce, worked for years to educate members of Parliament that black slavery was wrong and unchristian. He educated the members of Parliament about the inhumane and cruel transport that always stripped away humanity and most often ended the lives of these trafficked humans. He fought to educate despite the refusal and rebuttal of those who were profiting from the practice. After many years, slavery was abolished in England, but not because the people listened to the information at hand concerning the issue. It was abolished because some people, like Wilberforce, wouldn’t give up. They wouldn’t stop getting the information to the people. They wouldn’t dress it up in finery and pretend that it wasn’t as bad as it is. They kept telling the truth, no matter how often they received dismissal.

It seems that most Americans believe that politicians are crooked, that Congress is doing a terrible job, that abortion is murder, and that homosexuality, though tolerated, should not be encouraged. Why aren’t we voting everyone out that doesn’t balance the budget or that supports actions or practices that conflict with our conscience and our God?

Why aren’t we actively reading and investigating and acting on the truth as it comes to us? Can you imagine our America if most began doing this again as in the days of the Patriots?

Donna Ferrell