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From Guy Buzzard

By Staff | Sep 2, 2009

In Southern Marshall County W.Va., Chesapeake Energy has several drilling rigs working in the area of Adaline, Greenfield Ridge, Pleasant Ridge, and Macedonia Ridge.

On June 24, The Wheeling News Register published an article on the drilling operation written by Art Limann. Mike John, Chesapeake Energy VP for the corporate relations, stated how wonderful this was going to be for the residents and that they go out of their way to do things right. I challenge Mike John to come to my residence and spend 24 hours.

June 29, Chesapeake installed a large water line 8′ down Greenfield road to Adaline to withdraw water from Fish Creek. They are pumping the water with 360 hp diesel engine pumps. One pump is about 300′ and another is 500′ from my residence. The noise has made my home a living hell.

The water line is laying in the ditch and part way out in the road. Two of the pumps are located on the road. One pump is located in a sharp turn. I have contacted the following agencies about this problem: WV Division of Natural Resource, WV Public Service Commission, WV Environment Protection Agency, WV Oil and Gas Commission, Marshall County Sheriff’s Department.

WV EPA Supervisor, inspector Tristan Jenkins, looked at the problem. He agreed that the noise level was unbearable, but stated that WV does not have a noise ordinance law. He said that the water line and pumps on the road were a dangerous situation and he would contact Chesapeake about the problem.

Marshall County Sheriff Deputy Bill Helms came out. He also stated that West Virginia has no noise ordinance law, but the pumps and water line are a dangerous situation.

WV Division of Natural Resources sent two officers on July 16th. They were going to make a full report on the problem.

Wetzel County Action Group Raymond Renuad, web master, filmed the line and pumps and did an interview. The Web site is www.wcag-wv.org.

A solution would be for the water lines to be underground. This would prevent destroying the wild wonderful WV scenic beauty. The pumps could be changed from diesel to electric to eliminate the noise.

Mr. Mike John, VP of Chesapeake Energy, don’t you think its time you do things the right way?

Guy Buzzard