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From Charles Young

By Staff | Sep 2, 2009

An open letter to the Wetzel County Town and Country Days Fair Board, Wetzel County Commissioners, Wetzel County Sheriff:

When I read about Mr. Headley’s ordeal at Town and Country Days with the Wetzel County Deputies I just had to write about my wife’s ordeal! We have a 13-year-old daughter who wanted to go to the fair with a few of her friends, as did Mr. Headley, on Saturday evening.

My wife and I agreed to take her out and then she was to meet my wife at the entrance booth at 11:00 p.m.

When my wife tried to turn into the fair grounds she was denied entry by deputies (we think they were deputies, no one had a uniform on.) So there was our daughter, dark and no way to get to her!

My wife had to call her on the cell phone and have her walk up to the highway! This put her in a very dangerous position! There is supposed to be a drop off spot at the gates but if you are denied access, then what’s its purpose!

How many deputies does it take to direct traffic? There were at least five deputies directing at the same time with each telling the same car what to do! (But giving different directions!) These deputies create more confusion than anything else.

When dark falls they turn on the blue bar lights and the eight flood lights, then you are blinded.

If the fair board stopped paying the deputies, how many do you think would work if they only got paid deputy wages for those six days?

Since this seems to be such stressful and hard work for the deputies I think they should be out working in the county; and a temporary red light used to control Town and Country Days traffic. This would save the board a lot of money! If this idea does not work then maybe the fair should be moved to more easily accessed property!

Wetzel County Tax Payer

Charles Young

New Martinsville