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From Mark Anderson and Donna Anderson-Whiteman

By Staff | Aug 26, 2009

I just wanted to let you know that some of my family lives at HC 60 Box 151 and some of them live HC 60 Box 53. Don’t know where that is? Well that’s my point! Had I said they live on Doolin, just about everyone in Wetzel, Tyler, and most likely Monroe County would have a general idea where Doolin is.

Well, someone is trying to have the road to Alley’s Hole in Proctor closed. But they did it by going through the Department of Highways (which is the correct way), and having it advertised (once again correct), but it is published as County Road 1/5, but I know its Alley’s Hole.

During my teen years I used to walk up that road with my siblings to the swimming hole. It is used by local people for recreational vehicles and it is a beautiful hiking trail. At least it was until property owners starting putting cables across the road, (yes, cables on a county road).

This road also leads to the Greenhill Cemetery. It may be old, but there are people who still take care of it.

If you object to this closure, you need to write to the commissioner of the DOH by September 3. It is time we need to start paying attention to the fine print in the papers!

Mark Anderson

Donna Anderson-Whiteman

New Martinsville