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From Alice Marie Hammel

By Staff | Aug 26, 2009

I used to have some confidence in the produce department where people leave their canned goods and produce.

They think it would be in safe hands. Well this year I had my blue ribbon pepper rings stolen, ribbon and all. Plus a quart of vegetable soup.

My nephew had a jar of his pepper rings stolen also. A good friend of mine had a quart and a pint of meat stolen, plus a jar of vegetables. Do you think this is right for them to do this? If they would have asked for it, I probably would give it to them.

I hate someone that steals. Isn’t there some way it could’ve been protected? Maybe close it in somehow.

I hope whoever took them really enjoyed them. Do they know how much it cost for that quart of meat and another pint of meat, plus all the vegetables.

It is going to make people lose interest in bringing any more canned goods. I have been bringing canned goods ever since the fair started, and I’m very upset over it, and the other two are also.

Alice Marie Hammel

New Martinsville